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What 2020 Taught Us About Freedom

2020 was rough.  Many got sick, lost their livelihood, lost loved ones. I actually lost both of my grandparents on the same day in 2020 from COVID.  

In 2020 we also gained something.  We gained time.

As a spa owner, my industry was directly affected by the pandemic.  Until life came to a screeching halt that day in March, I thought it was normal to work 7 days a week.  When you’re the boss, there’s always something that needs done; a client to see, a phone call to return, an email to reply to, an order to place, a post to be made, a bill to pay.  Even when you’re not working, you’re working.

Aside from my income drying up overnight, I relished those long days of nothing to do.  I walked to the coffee shop with my daughter in the morning, took a nap in the afternoon, and made Thanksgiving Dinner at night.  

I started to feel something I had never felt before.  I felt free.  Free to run in the sunshine.  Free to play with my kids.  Free to think creatively.  Free to decide if I had built a life for myself that I actually wanted.  

I began to think about what a gift it was to experience freedom.  I thought about the women who have fought for freedom for centuries.  I thought about what a privilege it was to be free and that I didn’t want to take it for granted.   I wondered how I could have more freedom in my life and, even better, how I could give this gift to other women.  

Thus, Liberté Skincare Company was born.  Liberté is the French word for freedom.  I chose to use French words in my various businesses after learning of the “Women’s March on Versailles,” one of the most significant events of the French Revolution.  Seven thousand women marched 12 miles in the rain from Paris to Versailles to force the king to take action because their children were starving to death.

I thought, “Well, isn’t that how you get stuff done? Get a bunch of women involved.”   

Get a bunch of women involved...that’s what I wanted to do!  

A lot of the freedom I enjoy comes from being an entrepreneur.  I decide how I spend my time, who I spend my time with and how much money I make. 

While Liberté Skincare Company is devoted to creating products that seamlessly integrate into any woman’s skincare regimen, the mission of the company is to give back.  When you purchase a Liberté Skincare product, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Liberté Foundation for Women, a nonprofit that serves to supply grants to women who want to start or sustain a small business.  

Let’s give women the power to decide how they’ll spend their days, who they spend their days with and how much money they will make. 

Supporting women entrepreneurs is one way to give the gift of freedom. You can support by CLICKING HERE.

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