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The Gift of Freedom – Liberté Foundation for Women

Freedom comes in many forms.  Our definition of freedom may even change throughout the course of our lives.  As for myself, I’ve found freedom through several different avenues, one of which is entrepreneurship.  

Having the ability to create my own business gave me the freedom I craved to build a life I loved.  Being an entrepreneur meant I could choose how I spent my days and who I spent my days with.  It meant I didn’t have to seek approval or wait to be noticed by a superior in order to grow professionally.  It meant I had the opportunity to create meaningful work not only for myself, but for other women.  I could build a business that not only satisfied my creativity but could also give back.    

When you purchase a Liberté Skincare product, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Liberté Foundation for Women. The Liberté Foundation for Women is a nonprofit that serves to provide women with grants who want to start or sustain a small business.  

When a woman starts a small business, more often than not, the goal is to help others.  This not only shores up our local economies but also has a direct positive impact on our communities.  Most importantly, empowering women through entrepreneurship gives our daughters role models of strong female leadership.  

The Liberté Foundation for Women is aiming to donate $1 million a year to assist women in creating their own freedom through entrepreneurship.  

If you’d like to donate directly to the Foundation, you can by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for helping us give the gift of freedom.  


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